Organizing your trip to China can be a complex and time-consuming task.  Yiwu Trading Company can help you by discussing your specific needs beforehand and assist you every step of the way.  We can arrange for the correct Visa, arrange for your flights, hotel and transport using our various contacts in their respective industry.

Yiwu Trading Company can accompany you or arrange for your transport to and from your hotel to Yiwu International Trade City.  We will escort you to each of your potential suppliers and work on your behalf.  You will have your agent’s phone number on hand.

Travelling in a foreign country can be intimidating and exciting.  Yiwu is no exception.  We will show you where you can you can do a little shopping and see a little night life.  We can arrange for your dietary requirements such as halal, kosher and vegetarian or if you are more adventurous we can explore the Yiwu street food!

Yiwu Trading Company will make sure you have suitable arrangements back to the airport.   We can arrange for your samples to be shipped to your destination so that it is ready for you when you get home.


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